Swim with Whale Sharks

1 - 3 Days, 2 - 3 days, 3 - 6 Days, 6 - 9 Days



18 years

Amazing Experience

Mafia Island is a short 35 minute flight south east of Dar Es Salaam. It is one of a select few destinations globally where whale sharks, the gentle giants of the ocean gather seasonally to feed on nutrient rich waters off the Tanzanian coast.

To swim with these docile, the largest of fish (they are not of the shark family) as they slowly meander through the water taking in vast quantities of water containing their life sustaining food. The season for whale sharks runs from October to end February.

Mafia Island is today what Zanzibar was 25 years ago; little developed and totally unspoiled with a handful of budget to luxury accommodations. To visit Mafia is to step into the past and enjoy island life as dictated by nature.

The Mafia archipelago is home to Tanzania's only marine National Park with preserved, untouched corals and schools of fish. Abundant bird life is found, big game fishing is excellent, and 'time out' naturally is the idea.